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 Students Under 16 Years of Age


Students under 16 years of age at date of submission of the online application for Stipends and Grants, will be requested to attach a consent form showing the consent of their parents / legal guardians. This consent form is downloadable from here​ and must be duly signed by one of the parents/guardians and then uploaded to the online application in pdf or jpg format.


Failure to attach the consent form, when required, will hinder any further processing of the online application.  In fact, in such cases, the online application will be re-opened and sent back to student.


Such consent form may be withdrawn by a request in writing addressed to the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board.


This consent can only be withdrawn in writing, and is to be addressed to the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board, Room 205c, Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation, Great Siege Road, Floriana.


Students are to note that no document is to be sent by post.​

Published on 30 September 2023​