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Recovery of Overpayments


Some students may be requested to refund monetary funds awarded to them in the form of Students' Maintenance Grants.

Students who have been identified as having an outstanding amount will be requested to reimburse same after receiving an official overpayment notice sent to them from the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Office.


The reasons why students may be requested to refund an amount of students’ maintenance grants received include but are not limited to:


a.  Funds credited to student erroneously and which were not due to student;

b.  Breach of Students’ Maintenance Grants regulations, including the 30hour per week working limit (in which case all stipends and grants received during that academic year must be refunded);

c.  Students who resign, fail or discontinue their course of studies; including students who are not promoted to the next year of studies;

d.  Students who abandon their course of studies without communicating their resignation (in which case all stipends and grants received during the academic year must be refunded).


Students must take note that on submitting an online application for Students’ Maintenance Grants, they bind themselves to inform in writing the respective Stipends Office and/or Institution within a week of their resignation from the course of studies. The Students’ Maintenance Grants Board reserves the right to determine / revise any amount of refund due from the students.


Payment Method:


a.   By Cash – Students must visit any Maltapost plc branch in Malta & Gozo.  The overpayment letter received must be presented upon payment.



b.   By Cheque – Cheques are to be addressed to Maltapost plc and sent to P.O. BOX 500 Marsa MTP 1001. Students are to write their Name, Surname, Reference number and ID number at the back of the cheque. A copy of the notification must also be enclosed with the cheque.


Maltapost plc will be issuing a receipt for every payment.  This receipt is official and is to be safeguarded by the student. 


Students may request to settle refunds due by instalments on reaching an agreement with the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation. In this case, students must contact the Edu, or the One Stop Shop  via freephone 153 and request an appointment with Mr Simon Farrugia. 


Outstsanding amounts must be fully settled before commencement of the next academic year.


Students cannot be deemed eligible to receive further Students’ Maintenance Grants unless outstanding amounts are settled in FULL.


Online Application

Students who have settled their overpayment amount, or who have reached an agreement with the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation to pay by instalments, are to upload a copy of the Maltapost receipt to their online application as soon as this is available to the student.
















Published on 30 September 2023​