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Frequently Asked Questions​

Where can I register for my e-ID?

E-ID accounts are managed by the Identity Malta – visit their website here​.

Students may request an e-ID account by phoning 25904300 or by emailing


All information regarding e-ID accounts can be found at


What should I do if I have forgotten or wish to reset my e-ID password?

Students should visit the Identity Malta website and click on the link on the left ‘Forgot your Password?’

Students may also opt to phone the Identity Malta Offices and request a new password over the phone. This will be sent electronically to the email address indicated on the application for the e-ID account.


I need to amend my online application for Students' Maintenance Grants. What should I do?

Students who need to amend their online application after it has been submitted may access again their online application using their e-ID and password and make the necessary amendments, such as  changes in their IBAN. Not all data fields can be changed.  Once changes are made, students are to click on the Submit button.


I have recently changed course.  Will I still receive stipends?

Students who change course during the academic year need to create a new course option with the newer course details.  This is done by accessing the online application and pressing the ‘Add Course’ buttion. The details of the new course must be inserted. Staff at the respective Stipends’ Office will proceed with the newer course option, and decline the ‘older’ course option.


What is an IBAN, and from where can I obtain it?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number.  It is made up of 31 alphanumeric characters and can be found in your bank statements.  The IBAN may be obtained from the bank’s Internet Banking services.  Alternatively, you may visit a branch of your bank and ask for the IBAN to which Students’ Maintenance Grants are to be credited.


Students are to ensure that the IBAN is inputted correctly in the online application.


What documents should I attach to the online application for the Students’ Maintenance Grants?

First-Year students studying at a Post-Secondary Institution and at MCAST must attach all pages of their Secondary School-Leaving Certificate.


All students should also attach the Jobsplus Employment History, which can be downloaded from after logging in using the e-ID and password.  All students should also attach proof of five years’ residence in Malta prior to their date of application.  The Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board reserves the right to request further documentation to reach a decision regarding eligibility in certain cases.


Why do I need so many documents for the application for Supplementary Allowances?

Applications for the Supplementary Allowances undergo more rigorous vetting than applications for the other Students’ Maintenance Grants, since total household income, employment and other factors are assessed before awarding this grant.


Online applications for the Supplementary Grants may remain pending if the students do not submit the requested documents.

There shall be no further  processing of online applications after end June.


How can I appeal before the Students’ Maintenance Grants Board?

Students who wish to present their case before the Students’ Maintenance Grants Board must do so in writing and present the necessary documentation to prove their case. Students may use either the email address: or send the documents and covering letter by mail addressed to:

Attn: Chairperson SMGB, Room 207, Great Siege Road, Floriana. VLT 2000.


The Board reserves the right to verify the information submitted and / or request additional information, as may be required.


What happens if I absent myself from lectures?

Students following studies at post-secondary institutions and  MCAST have their stipend deducted according to the absenteeism recorded by the relative institutions. Students must consult the Institutions’ Regulations regarding attendance rules and records.


Students must note that for the purpose of Students’ Maintenance Grants, they are entitled to 15 days paid sick leave, every academic year, on presentation of certification at the respective educational institute. Payment for a period in excess of 15 days must be expressly authorised by the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board by sending an email to explaining their situation and attach proof accordingly.


When trying to access my Students' Maintenance Grants application, I’m getting an Access Denied message.  Why is that?

You are getting the Access Denied / Signed In as another User error message because of a clash in logins.

To access the Students' Maintenance Grants application, use the orange button beneath the pictures in the homepage (​).  Do not use the red Log In link at the top right corner.

If you can see your name at the top right corner, log out from there first. And then login using the dedicated login button.


Where can I communicate with staff at the Stipends’ Office?

The most secure way to communicate with Stipends’ Office staff is via the online application itself.  At the top right corner a link Contact Us will appear.  This will open a dialog box enabling students to send emails securely to the respective staff.  Communication will be returned to the student to the email address specified in the online application.


Alternatively, the Students' Maintenance Grants Team manages the email address  However, in accordance to GDPR, students will be asked for scans of their ID card before being provided andy personal information.


I need to speak directly to staff at the Stipends’ Offices.  What numbers should I use?

All telephone communication is handled by One Stop Shop officials.  As per policy adopted by all Government Departments, members of the public cannot communicate directly with individual members of staff. Freephone 153 is be used for all queries related to Students' Maintenance Grants. One Stop Shop are in charge of answering calls, providing clarifications and assisting students and members of the general public. 


What if I need assistance with completing my online application? One Stop Shop officials are available for assistance at the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation, Great Siege Road, Floriana during office hours.  Ideally, students calling directly at the Ministry are to ensure they have all soft copies of the necessary documentation.​