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Application Information


To apply for Stipends and Grants, students should log through this link: -          with their personal e-ID and password in order to fill in the online application form.


Personal details will be automatically uploaded in the application. Applicants are required to choose the details related to their course of studies and to insert a valid personal IBAN (bank account number).  It is of utmost importance that the electronic form is completed correctly so that there will be no delays in the processing of their application.


Students must apply for Stipends and Grants online before the end of December of the respective academic year.


New students should scan and upload a copy of all the pages of their Secondary School Leaving Certificate and Profile (SSC&P) confirming that they completed their Year 11 / Form 5, issued by the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youths, Research and Innovation.   


First-time applicants are to upload their Jobsplus Employment History.  This can be downloaded from the Jobsplus website  using their e-ID and password.



By submitting the Application Form, applicants shall be:


1.  Confirming that all information submitted is correct and that they bind themselves to refund the Government of Malta the amount of money indicated by the Authorities, should they for some reason:


       i. have misled the authorities through the information submitted;

       ii. absent themselves from the course;

       iii. fail to register satisfactory progress; or

       iv. discontinue their studies.

        v. have worked more than 30 hours/week during the academic year.


2.    Authorising the respective authorities to verify the information submitted as may be necessary, including the obtaining of information from other Government Entities/Departments/Institutes in connection with the application submitted.


Any information may be passed on to other Departments/Institutes/Entities involved in the processing of the application and for customer care purposes.

Also, information can be forwarded for statistical purposes to other Departments/Institutes/Entities.


3.   Permitting the respective Authorities to take any necessary action to recover any overpayments or amounts due by applicants.


Following the submission of new or re-confirmation of the online application, students will receive an email and an SMS confirming the submission of their online application. Applicants must monitor their application, as once this office receives the Educational Institutions’ confirmation of the students’ commencement or continuation of course, students would need to confirm/reconfirm their online application.


* Only confirmed applications can be considered for payment process.






















Published on 30 September 2023​