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Malta Vocational Education and Training Awards

The Ministry for Education is proud to launch the Malta VET Awards (MVETA). The aim of the awards would be to give visibility to VET in Malta, to showcase good practices and to create engagement with the VET community in Malta. The concept of the Malta VET Awards (MVETA) mirrors the VET Excellence Awards which the European Commission organises on an annual basis. The Awards will be run annually alongside the celebration of the national events celebrating the European Vocational Skills Week, typically celebrated during the month of November each year.  Three categories and awards for 2020 will be awarded this year: Training at Work award, VET/Applied student award and VET/Applied Teacher/Trainer/Lecturer award. These categories are meant to celebrate the tripartite experience of vocational education and training.  The nomination process will be open to anyone including the general public, personnel within VET institutions, parents, students, employers, social partners and companies. Download the nomination Forms, Fill in, Sign and send them to mveta.mede@gov.mtDeadline for nominations is 20th November 2020.

​​Sector: Companies and Learners Title of Award: Training at Work Award Nomination Form: Training at Work Award
Description: The aim of this award is to valorize good practices of professional learning within enterprises for their respective employees in 2019. In particular, this year this award will highlight the green and/or digital good practice in training at the place of work.
More Info on the Training at Work Award - Click Here
Sector: Learner ​​Title of Award: VET / Applied Student Award ​​Nomination Form: VET/Applied Student Award​
Description: This award is intended to identify a student currently following a VET or Applied programme of studies, who has excelled during his or her studies. The aim is to highlight, valorize and make visible students with outstanding coursework and performance during the academic year 2019-2020. In particular, this year this award will highlight the green and/or digital good practice in their learning journey.
More Info on the VET/Applied Student Award - Click Here
Sector: VET Provider ​​Title of Award: VET / Applied Teacher / Trainer / Lecturer Award ​​Nomination FormVET/Applied Teacher/Trainer/Lecturer Award​
Description: This award is intended to identify a VET teacher or trainer who has excelled in improving the VET learning experience or has contributed to innovative approaches to VET learning. The aim of this award is to recognize the efforts for the development of resources for online learning specific for VET, which have been shown to be particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.​
More Info on the VET/Applied Teacher/Trainer/Lecturer Award - Click Here



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