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Quality Assurance of VET in Malta

Following the accreditation of new entities and programmes, the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) monitors the fitness for purpose of providers and courses in further and higher education.

Quality Assurance refers to one or more processes which: 
  • safeguard the quality of further and higher education within the economic, social and cultural context, on a national, European and international level; 
  • ensure the use of appropriate measures as a means of improving the quality of teaching, learning, training and research; and 
  • communicate the outcome of such findings within an internal and external framework of accountability.

One of the most important conditions for licensing higher and further institutions in Malta is regular internal and external quality assurance. This is also one of the main conditions for an improved educational experience of the students within the institution, and efficient management of the higher and further education institutions. In view of this, NCFHE established a National Quality Assurance Framework for Further and Higher Education in Malta, which is the first quality assurance framework in Europe that combines Quality Assurance for Vocational and Tertiary Education provision. The Framework as a whole aims to provide guidance to educational institutions that embark on the processes of Internal and External Quality Assurance in order to enhance the learning outcomes provided through their educational programmes.

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