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A Bilingual Glossary of Mathematics Terms The Early and Junior Years

​​​St​art dat​e: 7/07/2022 Closing date: 30/09/2022

Title of the public consultation:

​​​A Bi​lingual Glossary of Mathematics Terms. The Early and Junior Years


Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation


The National Literacy Agency and The Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes
within the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation


The aim of this Glossary is to provide words and expressions that can be used as part of bilingual communication of mathematics at the Early Years and Junior levels of education (ages 3 – 11 years). The resource, which has been developed keeping in mind already existing practices, suggests words and expressions that can be used as part of the ‘mathematics register’. It is hoped that the comprehensive list of terms will:

•Suppo​rt teachers as they focus on mathematical concepts and processes, and help them bring out nuances of meaning.

•Provide teache​r and learners with Maltese versions of the terminology, should these be required as part of the educational process.

•Encourage​ consistency across class / school contexts with regard to mathematical terms, for both English and Maltese in the spoken and written form.

•Highlight the ter​minology one might expect to use in teaching and learning resources, and in the assessment of mathematics.

​All stakeholders and interested persons are invited to forward their feedback during this consultation process. 

​Consultation questions:
    1. ​​​How useful do you think the Glossary could be for your context?
    2. Do you have any comments about specific terms in the Glossary about the following topics?
    3. Digits, Numerals and Numbers
    4. Addition and Subtraction
    5. Spatial Relationships
    6. Shape
    7. Measurement: General
    8. Measurement: Time
    9. Measurement: Capacity
    10. Measurement: Mass
    11. Measurement: Length and Area

Document is linked here 

Submission of feedback should be received through the following channels:

·         Online form:

·         E-mail


·         Post:

​The National Literacy Agency, 
The National Curriculum Centre,
Joseph Abela Scolaro Street,
Hamrun, HMR, 1304

Contact Person and e-mail address: