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A German Film Project

​​A German Film Project in collaboration with The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School (St Thomas More College)

​The film Content: Clean Water, Environmental Protection and Climate Protection play a magical leading role in the film.

The children learn from the voices of the sea and the water that they must solve seven tasks to make the world a better place.

The tasks are different: It's about environmental protection and clean water without plastic waste. Another task is to make the big grey cities more friendly.

And that's why the people who hide behind mobile phones and headphones in the S-Bahn can get back to communication and humanity.

Other children have animal protection as their most important task and support the street dogs. They must find seven real animal friends!

However, there are evil powers - sinister villains - who want to prevent the children from being able to solve the seven tasks by any means necessary. They want power and control over the world. The more pessimists there are who don't believe in themselves, the stronger the power of the villains becomes.

The last, the seventh task is the hardest for the kids! Because there.... they should win the villains and pessimists of this world over to their side....!! The tasks are also about friendship, fairness, respect, and solidarity instead of bullying. PEACE is one of the main themes of the film!!

The Film will be produced in German and in English. And it is being planned to realize the English synchronization in a sound studio in Malta. The film will be streamed in cinemas, on festivals, in schools and of course online and seen all over Germany and abroad. The actual shooting in Malta will take place in July (2nd July, 10-14 days); with two cameras, sound engineer plus an underwater camera.

​The Maltese students are:

  • Matthias Zarb
  • Daniela Kotorri
  • Alexander Wijnen
  • Nina Mifsud
  • Matteo Calleja Tonna
  • Elisa Muscat

​Link to the interview video - Here​