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Accreditation Unit

The Accreditation Unit (AU) is entrusted to oversee and regulate the accreditation and validation of all programmes that cater for learners in the compulsory sector. The AU ensures that accredited programmes are in line with National Standards issued by DQSE and associated procedures and faithfully follow the principles of the Quality Assurance Framework for Education in Malta (0-16 years) and Referencing Report.​The Accreditation Unit is also responsible to assure that accredited programmes are reviewed and evaluated with the aim of promoting quality education.

 What are the mission objectives of the Accreditation Unit? 

 The mission objectives of the AU are to: 

​a.   The accreditation of Formal and Non-Formal Programmes aimed at learners in the compulsory sector,   

b.   registration of Non-Formal Educational Institutions catering for learners in the compulsory sector, 

c.    monitor and evaluate the educational institutions’ practices and progress with respect to the National Quality Standards and assure accountability, 

d.   provide educational institutions with clear feedback on their accredited programmes pertaining the effectiveness of the educational provision and provide recommendations for improvement purposes, 

e.   monitor and regulate the processes associated with the Secondary School Leaving and Profile, 

f.  regulate and administer Validation and Recognition of Prior Learning within the compulsory sector,

g.   collaborate with various stakeholders as required to sustain the achievement of the above objectives.

Educa​tion Officers with Programme Accreditation

​Education Officer
Programme Accreditation
Mr Kenneth Camilleri

Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education
DQSE/MFHEA Building, Ground Floor, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, Hamrun, HMR 1304
Tel: 2598 1447

​Education Officer
Programme Accreditation
​Mr Tony Mizzi

Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education
DQSE/MFHEA Building, Ground Floor, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, Hamrun, HMR 1304
Tel: 2598 1441​

Administrative Staff

Assistant Manager 
​Ms Jagoda Beltrani-Cordina 

Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education 
​DQSE/MFHEA Building, Ground Floor, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, 
​Hamrun, HMR 1304
Tel: 2598 1448