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MFED/746/2021​ ​​Open Call / Negotiated Procedure for the Provision of Cleaning Services in State Schools and Educational Facilities (Including Summer) with Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Items in Malta and Gozo​

​26th November 2021 Cancelled 01.07.2022 Notice of Cancellation on MEYR Website.docx

06.07.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

25.05.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

11.05.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

27.04.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

13.04.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

30.03.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

16.03.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

02.03.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

16.02.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

02.02.2022 Notice on Submission Box.docx

18.01.2022 Notice on submission Box.docx

1yr Lot 1 FINANCIAL OFFER St Nicholas College.xlsx​

1yr Lot 2 FINANCIAL OFFER St Theresa College.xlsx

1yr Lot 3 FINANCIAL OFFER St Thomas More College.xlsx

1yr Lot 4 FINANCIAL OFFER St Ignatius College.xlsx

1yr Lot 5 FINANCIAL OFFER St Margaret College.xlsx

1yr Lot 6 FINANCIAL OFFER St Gorg Preca College.xlsx​

1yr Lot 7 FINANCIAL OFFER Maria Regina College.xlsx

1yr Lot 8 FINANCIAL OFFER St Clare College.xlsx

1yr Lot 9 FINANCIAL OFFER St Benedict College.xlsx

1yr Lot 10 FINANCIAL OFFER Gozo College.xlsx

1yr Lot 11 FINANCIAL OFFER Mikiel Anton Vassalli College (Malta and Gozo).xlsx

1yr Lot 12 FINANCIAL OFFER MFED Entities (Malta and Gozo).xlsx

Document Open Call_Negotiated Procedure - Cleaning Services for one 1 year.pdf

JV Data Form.docx

MFED 746_2021 Eligibility Part 1.pdf

MFED 746_2021 ESPD Part 2.pdf

Organisation and Methodology.pdf

Power of Attorney.docx

​​SPD001/2021/201 ​Request for Proposals for the Supply and Delivery of Breakfast Packs to all Primary State School Students in Malta and Gozo (kinder 1 to year 6)​ ​26th August 2021 ​30th August 

Data on Joint Venture_Consortium


MFED State Schools Packed Breakfast Financial Bid Form

MFED State Schools Packed Breakfast Literature Form

MFED State Schools Packed Breakfast Sample List

MFED State Schools Packed Breakfast Technical Offer Form

​Request for Proposals for Packed Breakfast for MFED State Schools Kinder 1 to Year 6

RfP power-of-attorney

​MFED 601/2021 ​Expression of Interest for Scalp Scanning for students attending MFED State Schools ​28th September 2021 ​5th October 2021 - 12:00​ EOI Scalp Scanning - Financial Bid Form

EIR Scalp Scanning - Terms of Referance

Expression of Interest - Scalp Scanning Scholastic Year 2021- 2022​​​​