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​​​About Us​​​​​

National School Support Services (NSSS), formally known as Student Services Department, was established in 2009 following a recommendation in the Inclusive and Special Education Review (MEDE; 2005). Since its inception, NSSS has supported children, young people, and their parents by providing services and support.

NSSS provides support to schools in various ways, including school visits, training sessions for educators, and individual or group interventions. Moreover, NSSS continuously supports schools by providing a range of services and training. NSSS has two sections: Educational Psycho-social Services and Inclusive Education Support.

As a department, NSSS has written and launched the Inclusion Policy and its Framework along with the Attendance Policy, the Managing Behaviour and Addressing Bullying Behaviours Policy, the Trans, Gender Variant and Intersex Students Policy and the Healthy Lifestyle Policy. NSSS has also embarked on projects to support schools in Malta including the Provision Map Tool, Autism Friendly Environmental Guidelines, Multisensory Learning Rooms and provided practical toolkits.

NSSS continues to support children, young people and their parents / guardians, and educators in schools. The aim is that children and young persons reach full potential in their holistic development, through equitable and high quality services.

​​​Mission Statement​​​​​

The National School Support Services (NSSS) strives to enhance the holistic development of ALL children. NSSS provides equitable and high-quality services focusing on the physical, social, emotional, psychological, cultural, and behavioural development of children within an inclusive-oriented culture, aimed at eliminating challenges and barriers, to help children reach their full potential.


All children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential by participating actively in their learning process, thus ensuring their holistic development and well-being.


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Organisation Structure​​​​​


Ms Josanne Ghirxi

E-mail address:

Assistant Director


Education Officers (Inclusive Education)

Ms Nadja Caruana

E-mail address:

Dr Jonathan Camenzuli

E-mail address:

Education Officers (Career Guidance)

Ms Dorianne Gravina

E-mail address:

Ms Lorraine Grech Aquilina

E-mail address:​

Education Officers (Counselling)

Mr Karl Coleiro

E-mail address:

Ms Deborah Attard

E-mail address:

Principal Social Worker

Ms Marija Zahra

E-mail address:

Managing Psychologist

Mr Bernard Caruana

E-mail address:

Lenti Manager

Mr Christian Micallef



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