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​Mission Statement​​​​​

Lenti fuq l-Iżvilupp ta` Uliedna is a national early screening programme for potential developmental delays. This programme helps to identify possible developmental delays, learning difficulties, and/or educational needs so that children can be supported before starting early years education. This test is jointly administered by speech and language pathologists from the Speech Language Department and MFED.

​Service Objectives​​​​​

The Lenti fuq l-Izvilupp t’Uliedna homes a preventive approach to identify and cater as early as possible children’s potential difficulties arising from developmental delays. In NO instance does the service provide a final diagnosis for Autism in infants.


This service aims to:

·       screen (rather than diagnose) all 18-month old infants before commencing early years education, to assess for any delays in communication, social skills and movement;
·       synergise support services; manage and streamline the overall facilitation of support services available to children;
·       increase access to appropriate and timely services thus reducing the need for more intensive intervention later on in the child’s life.


A test is carried out with parents in the form of a short questionnaire. Parents provide answers to a number of set questions (M-CHAT). The questionnaire responses cannot provide conclusive evidence of any delays or difficulties or an immediate diagnosis, however it helps to identify possible difficulties which could lead to an early diagnosis through further in-depth assessments.

​Eligibility for the Service​​​​​

Invites are sent to parents/ guardians to participate in the Lenti screening programme. However, if the child is 18 months old and has not participated in this screening programme, the parent/ guardian may

·       call the Speech-Language Department on 79318423 or 21230822 to schedule a screening appointment from 08:00 to 14:00 (Monday to Friday), or
·       send an email on


Parents/guardians need to print, fill in and take the Consent Form to the screening appointment.