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Mission Statement

The Service for Learners with a Visual Impairment empower learners with a visual impairment to develop their full potential by giving them support to access the curriculum, to integrate in the school and to become active members of society.

Service Objectives

The service for leaners with a visual impairment aims to:​​​​​

  • help learners develop their social, mental and physical potential;
  • ensure curriculum accessibility;
  • develop the learners’ independent skills;
  • instill life-long learning skills, self-care and active citizenship.

Services Offered​​​​​

Teachers of learners with a visual impairment:

  • inform Childcare Centres and schools about the learners’ impairment and how it affects schooling, the provisions and adaptations needed in the childcare centre/classroom/school environment and special arrangements required during examinations;
  • support learners in their Childcare/Kindergarten programmes. This involves learning and teaching through play. Areas targeted are visual, physical, cognitive, language, social and self-care. The aim is to help learners develop holistically;
  • provide suitable large print books and give learners individual support to help them learn to read, both in Maltese and English;
  • provide professional advice to educators and recommend educational and instructional strategies, as well as technological devices for better curriculum access;
  • provide handwriting support. Developing handwriting skills is an arduous task for some learners. The use of specialized tools and materials such as special paper, lighting and other equipment is recommended to assist these learners;
  • Pre-Braille activities and lessons in Braille are carried out.

Eligibility for the service​​​​​

  • Learners who are registered as having a visual impairment and learners in Childcare Centres, Kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary schools who have a visual impairment, loss of vision or blindness as stated by an opthalmologist/optometist are eligible for the Service for Learners with a Visually Impairment

Who can refer learners to the Service for Learners with a Visual Impairment?​​​​​

Babies and learners may be referred by medical professionals or by members of the Senior Management Team of the school where the learners attend.

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