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Mission statement

Teachers in hospital provide learners with a compensatory educational service and aim to minimise the effects of absence from school.

Service Objectives​​​​​

This service aims to support learners by offering them an educational programme during their stay in hospital.

Services Offered​​​​​

Teachers who support learners in hospital:

  • liaise with the Head of School and the respective teacher/s so that the learners continue following the educational programme which is usually carried out in school. This happens in the case of learners who are hospitalised for a long term;
  • liaise with the Assessment Unit and the MATSEC Department when learners are hospitalised during examination sessions (Benchmark exams, mocks and SEC level exams) and make the necessary arrangements so that examinations are held in hospital;
  • attend multi-disciplinary meetings regarding the holistic needs of the learners in hospital.

Eligibility for the Service​​​​​

Learners, between the age of 5 and 16 years, who are hospitalised at Mater Dei Hospital or at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre are eligible for Hospital Classes.​

Hospital Classes