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Mission Statement

The service provides learners with a conpensatory educational service and aims to minimise the effect of absence from school.

Service Objectives​​​​​

The service aims to provide the learners with an educational experience despite their absence from school. It also aims to support learners reintegrate in school at the appropriate time.

Eligibility for the service​​​​​

Learners are eligible for the Home Tuition service if:

  • they have been diagnosed as being chronically ill (but not contagious) and are unable to attend school;
  • they have a medical condition which requires them to be absent from school for a period of not less than four weeks;
  • they are recovering from a surgical intervention, fractures or an accident.

Who can refer learners for the Home Tuition service?​​​​​

The application form, together with the statement of consent signed by parents/guardians and relevant medical certificates are sent by the school.