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Mission Statement

The School Social Work service provides an effective social work service to learners of compulsory school age who are habitual absentees in support of their education and personal growth, whilst working within the learners ​’ educational, family and social environment.

Services Offered​​​​​

  • an extensive programme for the teenage girls with the collaboration of other professionals including midwives, social workers and counsellors;

  • to provide an effective social work service to students of compulsory school age who are habitual absentees in support of their education and personal growth whilst working within the learners’ educational, family and social environment;

  • supporting and guiding learners on personal matters;

  • working with families concerning home situations related to school attitudes and performance;

  • implementing and promoting anti-discriminatory practice;

  • empowering learners, parents and school staff to access available opportunities and resources to fully develop each student’s potential;

  • provide consultation regarding the Addressing Attendance in Schools Procedures;

  • working within a multidisciplinary team situated in the respective College;

  • ensuring the law on compulsory education is adhered to by parents, monitor habitual absent learners and address issues that are leading to absenteeism;

  • referring learners to other professionals and specialist agencies as and when required, and subsequently monitoring the learners's process and attendance;

  • organising and participating in case conferences, reviews and inter-agency liaison meetings;

  • providing the necessary support to learners, parents or guardians and other family members, Heads of Schools and teaching staff and act as a mediator between the school and family;

  • serving as an advocate for learners by ensuring equity regarding service provision as well as demonstrate awareness of cultural differences and individual needs of learners particularly those coming from vulnerable groups;

  • preparing and presenting social reports upon request for, and participating in Regional Tribunal Sittings;

  • preparing and presenting social reports for, and participating in the Juvenile Court hearings;

  • assessing and vetting applications for school exemptions and travel exemptions​​.

  • Information

    Social Work Service referral form (​
    Request for School Exemption and Authorisation for Employment of Minors (16-) (
    Request for School Exemption (16+) (
    ​Parents Request for Temporary Travel Exemption from School (


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