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Mission Statement

Servizz Għożża provides a support service and an educational programme that seeks to support young pregnant minors. The programme seeks to achieve its objectives by promoting the psycho-social and emotional well-being of adolescents encouraging them to adopt a positive attitude towards parenthood, while emphazising the importance of education and employment.

Services Offered​​​​​

  • an extensive programme for the teenage girls with the collaboration of other professionals including midwives, social workers and counsellors;
  • a parental skills programme for the young mother and her child;
  • prevention programmes for parents of learners in Year 7;
  • prevention programmes for learners in Year 9, targeting relationships and sexual experimentation;
  • counselling service for the teenage girls, their partners and the respective families;
  • support group sessions for parents of the teenage pregnant girls;
  • support groups for the teenage fathers;
  • career sessions tailored to support the teenage girls to pursue their educational career path;
  • facilitating contacts with relevant organisations and services that can support the teenage parents, including Mother and Baby support groups;
  • specialized outreach programmes for specific group of learners, focusing mostly on a comprehensive programme of sex education and teenage pregnancy.

Contact Us​​​​​

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Address: Servizz Għożża, Triq L-Arznell, Mxlokk. MXK 1432

Contact Us: 2598 6147/8, 25986145, 25986146


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