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Our Mission

The school Counselling Service exists to promote and improve mental health and emotional wellbeing to learners of compulsory school age. We aim to provide a confidential, non-judgemental, and empathic service to help relieve suffering and distress which young people may be experiencing.


  • The objective of the service is to help the students’ overcome difficulties and change   maladaptive or unhealthy emotional, behavioural, or cognitive aspects. 
  • Counselling is aimed at helping the student achieve a more adaptive pattern of thought and behaviour and a satisfactory change in the individual.

  •  Counselling is an enabling process that provides alternative ways to think, feel and behave in a healthier manner. 

  •        Counselling is aimed at working in close collaboration with the students’ family, the school and other professionals and/or services supporting the minor.


  •        Providing one-to-one sessions with individuals 
  • Holding meetings with parents/carers
  • Holding class interventions
  •  Holding information talks with parents’
  •  Referring to other members of the Psychosocial team
  • Collaboratively work with other professionals/entities​


When to refer

       When there is a change of behaviour in a child, e.g.

o   Sadness,

o   Aggression,

o   Foul language,

o   Constant arguing between the same students is noticed.

o   A general decline in students marks

  •         Other Issues

o   Loss/Grief

o   Familial Separation

o   When students mention suicidal ideation or that life is unbearable

o   When students confide in you very serious situations such as abuse (sexual, emotional, physical) or Domestic Violence          

o   When mental health issues are noted


Referral Procedure

  • A referral for counselling services can be made/submitted by an educator, other professionals (within or outside the education system), parents or students themselves.


Further referrals by The Counselling Service

  • If the need arises students will be referred to other services such as:
  •       If there is suspicion of abuse, students are referred to the guidance teacher/practitioner at Child Safety Services, and then, if need be, a referral is made to the Child Protection Services.
  • If there is bullying the student is referred to the Anti-Bullying Serv
  •  If illicit substances are involved the student is referred to the Anti-Substance Abuse Service.
  •  Students are also referred to CAPES (emergency service at Mater Dei Hospital) when there are serious mental health issues which pose risk of harm to self or others.
  • When there is absenteeism students are referred to the college social workers.


  •      Should the need arise parents are advised to refer their child for a psychiatric assessment by psychiatrists. Parents will be requested to inform their family doctor who will then refer them to CYPS or other practitioners.


  •       If it is a serious issue which involves harm to self, the counsellor can opt to send student to the Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital.

​ ​​​​​​