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Child Safety Services (CSS) deals with issues related to child abuse. It is an educational and therapeutic service, offering help through intervention with learners, parents and members of staff. The service seeks to support children who are victims of abuse or are at risk of abuse. This is promoted by prevention programmes, consultations, monitoring of cases and working collaboratively with other services.

Services Offered

  • one-to-one intervention sessions with school age learners and their parents/guardians;
  • small group sessions;
  • class interventions;
  • parents’ meetings;
  • Senior Management Team meetings;
  • support and consultation with educators, including members of the schools’ Senior Management Teams;
  • prevention activities, such as talks to parents;
  • provision of CoPE sessions and other training for educators;
  • prevention lessons tailored to class needs;
  • referral to other members of the Psychosocial team;
  • collaborative work with other professionals/entities.​

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