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Mission Statement

The School Psychological Service (SPS) works towards promoting a healthy psycho-educational environment that facilitates the learning and overall development of school-age children.


  • School Psychologists at SPS work with learners who attend State schools.
  • They work in and from different colleges as well as from centralised centres.
  • SPS works on an open referral system, meaning that anyone can refer a learner, provided that there is the written consent from both parents / legal guardian/s.
  • School Psychologists within the SPS also offer consultations to State school and other support to the staff.

How School Psychologists Work​​​​​

School Psychologists usually work in the following way:

  • discuss concerns about a child’s development and learning through consultation with the child, parents or legal guardians and the school personnel;
  • identify a child’s needs (psychological, emotional/behavioural, educational or social) through consultation and assessment as appropriate;
  • present and explain findings to the parents or legal guardians of the minor, the relevant educational authorities and when necessary with other public welfare and/or health services;
  • provide psychological therapy/intervention and/or supports and advise on intervention in collaboration with the child, parents or legal guardians and school personnel;
​ ​​​​​​